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Sunday, October 19, 2008

A Day Out with Thomas

We took Dillon to A Day Out With Thomas yesterday. We have been talking about it for over six weeks, and for the past month we have been putting an X on the calendar days. He has told everyone he knows at school and at church about going to see Thomas. Needless to say, he has been pretty excited and I bet he didn't sleep one full hour on Friday night.

My mom kept Korenna, so it was just Dillon, Daniel, and me. The weather was perfect. We got a little map of the park, and went and did several of the activities. Dillon got a Thomas tattoo on his hand. We perused the Tent of Really Expensive Thomas Toys. We watched a movie inside, till Dillon realized that he gets to do that all the time, and that wasn't anything special. We listened to a kids' entertainer sing songs, till Dillon realized that the songs had nothing to do with Thomas. We took a picture with Sir Topham Hatt ("He wuns da wailwoad, Mama!") and colored pictures. He played with trains on miles of plastic track.

Of course the highlight of the whole day was riding on Thomas. Dillon told us throughout the morning that he was "weddy to wide on Somas!" but our tickets were not until 12:15.

When it was finally time, Dillon could barely contain his excitement. Daniel and I, being the insightful parents that we are, just knew that he was going to ask for repeated rides on the train.
We envisioned tantrums as we pulled him away from the big blue engine. We just knew that he would have to be carried away, sobbing. We talked to him about riding the train just one time, so that other friends could have their turns. He seemed okay with it, and really had a good time riding.

We finished our ride, and took Dillon's picture with Thomas. He waved and said "Bye Somas!" as we walked back toward our van.

Daniel and I looked at each other and breathed a sigh of relief. Sometimes you just get off easy, ya know? Especially when you are prepared for the worst.

I was buckling Dillon in and I asked him if he had a good time. He told me that he did, and that he loves Thomas, and that he wants to tell everyone that he really got to ride on him! Then he looked at me, serious hazel eyes wide and full of the magic of the day.

"Momma?" he said sweetly.

"Yes, baby?" I said, anticipating his request to return to the big blue engine.

"I tink I want to go see da Wiggles now."


Blogger Gina said...

NICE! Da Wiggles! Sounds like fun Mama! I'm so glad the day turned out fabulous. Sounds like a blast riding Somas! You know Forest sure had it right "life is like a box of chocolates". I just love it when we get the truffles.

1:55 PM  
Anonymous chirky said...

Awww, Dillon is so precious. That sounds like a fun family outing - and will probably be one of his favorite childhood memories. :)

On another note, I think I am developing dyslexia. I kept reading "A Day With Out Thomas" and couldn't figure out why a child would want to go to a Thomas exhibit that didn't feature the engine of honor! :)

Obviously, I finally figured it out.

3:21 PM  
Blogger Allison said...

Hahaha! That's right Dillon... when you accomplish one big goal in life, it's off to experience the next! How exciting for you to spend a special day with your mom and dad and of course, Thomas. :D

4:41 PM  
Blogger Jennboree said...

LOVE the picture. I was really excited for Dillon's adventure. Are you going to make a picture book for him to show me? Yes? COOL.

The Wiggles?? *gag*

Now if Clifford showed up for kid rides, that would awesome!

4:53 PM  
Blogger louann said...

Cute one =) Sounds like he did have fun. And will definitely be looking forward to Da Wiggles!

6:15 PM  

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