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Saturday, December 30, 2006


Gosh, with a new year starting, I would really like a new look around here. Maybe I will find some extra time to learn HTML. Or maybe I will earn some extra money so I can pay someone to create a template for me. Or maybe pigs will fly this year.


Christmas was a whirlwind of activity, as I knew it would be. The days before were spent with family here, then we gallivanted around the state until we visited all of Daniel's family. We got home Thursday, and Dillon and I have been doing some serious napping since then!

Have you ever had the scary dream in which something happens to your teeth? Like they fall out or turn brown? I have that dream repeatedly, and my mom says it is something about friendships - trouble in a friendship, maybe? That is so weird. I keep my life really simple by not having friends, so I shouldn't have that problem. But I keep having the dream. And the more I think about how often I have the dream, the more I have the dream. Maddening, really!
A friend (in light of the above note, "acquaintance" is a better word) is having some horrible problems in her life, and I covet your prayers for her. Without being too graphic, her ex-husband seriously injured her father. I think he is stable now, but prayers for his health and recovery would be greatly appreciated.
I think I am going to trade my television watching time in for time on YouTube. It so much more creative, and there are no commercials!


Anonymous Anonymous said...

I'm betting on pigs.

OH! I have dreams that my teeth pull out when I eat. FREAKS ME OUT!! I don't believe in obscure dreams having meanings. I think my subconscious just knows I need to go to the dentist!

You totally have to clue me in on the acquaintance drama.

YouTube is very cool and I have to forbid myself from spending all day there.

1:38 PM  
Blogger Heidillydoo said...

I've always heard that teeth dreams are related to stress. Maybe you're stressed out about your blog template?? Hee hee.
PS: If you switched the settings on your blog, I would be able to sign in as an "other" user. In case you're unable to change the settings, come visit me at my blog!! http://cameorole.wordpress.com

10:26 PM  

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