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Monday, December 18, 2006

And, that's a wrap!

We are actually just about done with our Christmas shopping! My extra bedroom is strewn with bags and boxes of gifts. All we have to do is wrap them!

I bought a roll of cute wrapping paper - shiny red with silver dots. I have sheets and sheets of new, crisp tissue paper. No wrinkly leftovers for my gift recipients! No, ma'am! I have an assortment of bags, bows, raffia, ribbon and cute stick on labels. I even bought some little gift adornment things - bells, gift tags, tiny wreaths.

Do you know why I do this? Do you want to know why?

It is because of her. I am highly competitive, and she is the gift wrapper. Every year, her gifts are coordinated and sleek. Crisp corners, perfect taping, smooth paper.

Mine look like giant Tootsie Rolls.

So I am trying. I at least have the equipment. Tonight, Daniel and I will sit down to wrap our gifts. I am sure it will be a lovely three-hour event, wherein the last gifts end up with tiny fragments of paper stuck together with masking tape, or the camo duct tape from under the sink. We will have given up trying to keep black dog hairs off the tape, and all our cute gift decor will have been replaced with the plain white Avery 8160 labels left over from our Christmas cards.


Well, there is always next year.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

You'll totally win this year because I have been less than enthused about wrapping. And my little helper likes to stick tape or labels all over the used-to-be-pretty wrapped gifts. Makes them unique, I think.

10:15 AM  
Blogger Jayleigh said...


laughing about the dog hairs on the envelope labels

1:32 AM  
Blogger Kandace Groenewegen said...

I love how I knew that you meant your sister without even guessing. I am afraid I am the 'other' sister. My gifts aren't perfectly wrapped, they just actually ARRIVE before Christmas.

8:14 AM  
Blogger T-girl said...

ROTFLMAO... I found you through... her! I feel like we are kindred spirits already too! LMAO I am SO with you on the gifts. I start out with the best intentions, the first one is pretty but by the last they normally look like drunk three year old with a drug problem took over for me. This year I have decided that what is the point anyway... I will be rewrapping everything at least 3-4 times anyway since I am sure the "baby" will helpfully redo them for me anyways. I figure the people who get their gifts in one peice will just have to be happy they got the damn things... in one peice! LOL

Good Luck- T

10:11 AM  

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