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Tuesday, May 01, 2007


Dillon is obsessed with farm animals these days. He carries his small plastic cow (MMMoo) and horse (nEEE) with him always - to the car, to the bathtub, into his crib, outside to the swing, to his highchair... you get the picture.

If at anytime he is seperated from the two, he spends those moments in sheer panic, saying "MMMoo!" and "nEEE!" as quickly as he can, while still getting the appropriate emphasis on the actual animal sound. (He wouldn't want to call them simply "moo" and "nee!" Gosh!)

Daniel and I were talking about how funny/annoying this is. (Funny because of the extreme to which he has taken this obsession. Annoying because we live in fear of losing one of the two plastic farm animals and having to replace them by buying the complete John Deere Tractor set again, at the cost of $23.99.) Anyway, so we were discussing this obsession, and this is what Daniel says:

"I don't know why he says 'nEEE' like that. Who taught him that?"

Me: "I dunno. School? Or maybe I said 'nay' and he just says it different."

D: "'Nay?' That isn't even what a horse says! A horse sounds like this: 'heeeeh! heeeeh!'"

Me: "What? Are you serious?"

D: "Yeah! Well, it is something like that. Closer to 'heeeeh' than 'nay!'"

Me: "Um, whatever. Which of the two of us taught pre-k? Me! So I know what I am talking about cause I essentially taught animal sounds and 'Old MacDonald' for a living for three years!"


Did I just reduce my previous teaching experience to THAT???

Whatever. As long as I win! A horse says "nay!"

dillon and the farm


Blogger Jennboree said...

26Do they offer up a John Deere purse he could carry his best friends in?

I think it is an adorable obsession, but that's where being Aunt Jenny comes into play and I don't have to fret about Where In The World Is Cow/Horse.


7:46 AM  
Blogger YankeeAmanda said...

We are in the ee-ii-oh phase too, but I don't think Jadyn has acquired quite the obsession with it. But she does believe that everytime we even mention "outside" it involves "bubbuls".

8:36 AM  
Blogger Amy said...

My little one was obsessed with farm animals right around the time he turned 2. His favorite stuffed animal was a beeny-baby-ish thing that's a cow. He still has it, the poor thing. At least it IS something replaceable, even if it's expensive to do so.

9:07 AM  

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