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Tuesday, July 19, 2005

The Macbeth Factor

I loathe movies. Watching movies is something that I will do, ONLY with my husband, because he loves them. And ONLY occasionally.

My criteria for a movie that I will sit through is that it:

a) must be shorter than two hours, because, who has time for movies, anyway???
b) must be engaging within the first couple of minutes
c) must have an actor or actress that I have heard of (I am not a fan of being a movie guinea pig)

We watched "Hostage" the other night with Bruce Willis.

This movie passed all of my initial criteria. We actually finished the movie, and Daniel said something like "Hey! That was pretty good. Maybe we can buy it."

I didn't tell him this, but we will probably not ever own this movie. It has a characteristic that I find disturbing in films, and I call it the Macbeth Factor.

The Macbeth Factor refers to Shakespeare's use and abuse of the tragedy theme, in which EVERYONE DIES, with the exception of two or three characters. Now, don't get me wrong. I have read and enjoyed (?) many of Shakespeare's plays, but since I already have depressive tendencies, I don't need literature to push me in that direction.

This movie fits well the description of a tragedy, since the frequent bloodbaths make you want to shower when the movie is finally over. However, there are other variations of this "overkill" theme. For instance, when a main character dies unexpectedly, invoking a feeling of sadness about a MOVIE. Or when you begin to question the writers' association with reality, since never before have THAT MANY PEOPLE died in any real worldly event.

An ideal movie for me would have a happy ending, and no deaths, except maybe bad guys, if the death wasn't violent and was just suggested, not actually acted out.

Also, some famous actors need to be in there too.

And also, keep it short and sweet, guys. I got stuff to do.


Blogger Jennboree said...

too bad cuz I just LOVE movies. Mostly, going to them, loading up on popcorn and candy, a pitcher of beer and a pizza (we only go to those that serve food n' beer).

I love the upcoming attractions. I love guessing who's who in their high school yearbook. I love the word scramble that's so easy a four year old can figure it out.

I guess going to movies is more about the event than the actual flick I've paid $56 to see.

I do totally hear ya on the MacBeth Factor. Big reason we don't go to shoot-em-ups or anything with Bruce Willis.

But then, you're married to a cop. Bruce is always about justice, baby! (sorta)

10:17 PM  
Blogger Princess21 said...

I so LOVE movies! I tend to think that they are real and i have been given a front seat viewing into these peoples lives.

I do not enjoy "ugly" movies though. "Ugly" movies would include killing, major gore sceens and scary people, like vampires or ghosts.

The movie must have a love story somewhere in the film for me to even be remotely interested. And I am not really into being scared! I enjoy being able to walk into my own bathroom without having to check to make sure that there is not anything or anyone in my shower!!!

9:06 AM  

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