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Sunday, November 26, 2006

Pressing issues: Part I

I hate to iron clothes.

I think it is cause my mother ruthlessly paid me to iron when I was younger, so it was a job, but it was also a strenuous moral obligation. If I didn't iron the clothes, I experienced the Guilt Trip That Only A Mother Can Give. If I did iron, I was cranky, frustrated, hot, and left holding six bucks for an hour and a half of work.

A better strategy would have been to withhold ironing. "Oh, Mandy! You aren't old enough! The iron is way to heavy and hot. Maybe next year!"

By the time I got out on my own, I would have been itching to rebel. I would probably have ironed all my Saturday nights away - high on the sheer exhilaration of doing something I shouldn't. We wouldn't be taking our clothes to the dry cleaner, because I would WANT to iron them at home!

Military creases in Daniel's BDUs? No problem! Tricky pleats in that dress shirt? I can handle it!

It makes you afraid doesn't it? The potential for passion about ironing? It is all in how the game is played. Well, it was played wrong with me.

I guess that is why I just took out the iron, ironing board, and starch and obediently ironed the collar and bottom 2 inches of a dress shirt that I will be wearing under a sweater. No wasted effort here. I would have done it with my flat iron in the morning, but starch residue does weird things to my hair.

(I know this post has had you all on the edge of your seats, and that is a good thing. I think I will actually have Part II of this post tomorrow! I know you can't wait!)


Blogger Jennboree said...

I, on the other hand, HATE ironing. With a passion. I think I subconsciously started ironing a half-ass job just so Heath would take over. It worked!

See, I would've just ironed the color for the shirt under the sweater and even that would've been ify.

7:23 AM  
Blogger jes said...

I used to get paid to iron, too. And back then? I loved ironing.

But something happened between back then and right now, and right now? I have a backlog of eight shirts and three pairs of slacks that need to be ironed.

I just keep hoping Roger will do it.

3:30 PM  

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