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Sunday, February 24, 2008

One month (or so)

I remember writing the post about Dillon's birth. He has a birth story that I love to look back on. It was exciting, and painful, and funny, and I became quite delirious. My favorite people were with me. I like to re-read what I wrote, because it has been over two years, and how the mind does forget!

So, I want to write a little about Korenna's birth. Of course, it was totally different! I knew the day she was going to be born. I knew how she was going to be born. No surprises there.

We picked the day because it was mathematically significant. (Okay, I picked the day because I am an obsessive control freak. 01/24/08 is a pretty number! Powers of two. Isn't that nice? I love it.)

Prior to going in the morning of the 24th, I had about four days of the worst pain I could imagine. My chest hurt when I breathed. I could barely move. I was taking cough syrup, some muscle relaxers, and some Vicodan for pain. It was bad. I couldn't wait to get this baby out so that I could get some good meds IN ME to help with whatever was ailing me.

Dillon stayed with my mom the night before because we had to be at the hospital at some ridiculous hour like 5:30 or something. After we checked in, I laid on the table and cried, waiting for some kind of relief. The anesthesiologist was my angel. She gave me so much good stuff that I couldn't feel my legs for days!

To me, the main significance of all that ridiculous pain was to contrast with what came next. They took this baby girl out of me, and she had such a sweet, tiny, girly whimper. And she was so pretty. And she had such long fingers. And such curly legs! I held her for a minute then was whisked away to recovery.

My family got to watch her get a bath and all the fun "I just got born" activities in the nursery. She sucked her thumb while she was being weighed. When they brought her to me, she was this tiny little nugget wrapped up tight in a hospital blanket. She just slept and was so sweet and easy.

When Dillon was born, I remember being instantly in love with him. He was perfect. Nothing could compare to what I felt when I first saw him. I was so nervous that it wouldn't be like that with Korenna. And it wasn't.

Instead of being instant and overwhelming, the love I feel for her grows every day. I am in awe of this little girl, and how she is building such a big place in my heart. I treasure each minute of holding her little hands, stroking her babysoft hair, and smelling her babysoft smell. I know that God has created something in her that He has never created before. I am so blessed to be her mama, and to be a part of what she will become.


Anonymous Sharkey said...

Awwwww . . . now why'd you have to go and make me cry?

A beautiful post for a beautiful girl.

12:22 PM  
Blogger Jennboree said...

Oh good grief. Ava's staring at me as I snot everywhere and wipe away tears! That was beautiful.

We all know that each child is unique and precious, but not until we have more than one do we get to experience the magic of it.

4:28 PM  
Blogger Allison said...

You'll be really glad you wrote it all down. I journaled the details (or those I could recall) for all my babies births. The experiences are as individual as my children. A couple months ago I realized I hadnt written down my youngest's story, and after writing it read the previous two. I'd already forgotten so much! I would read and go... "oh yeah! I forgot about that!" and it only happend like 2 years ago.

10:28 PM  

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