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Friday, March 21, 2008

Guess who's back? Back again.

Let me begin by saying that I started back to school this week. It has been really great! I missed my kids, my routine, and even the daily stresses of my job. I am very, very glad to be back.

About a week after Korenna was born, I had a meeting at the school. After the meeting, I stopped by my classroom to say hello and to see how things were going. Imagine my surprise when I opened the door and everything was moved! The sub had decided to "clean sweep" my room (or something) and every piece of furniture was in a new place. My desk was moved. My filing cabinet. The kids' huge vestibular swing was smack in the middle of the room. I could see computer cords snaking across the floor and draped behind desks. I hate computer cords!

Prior to my maternity leave, every cabinet, tub, shelf, and box in my classroom had a carefully typed and laminated label. Things were where I wanted them to be. To know me is to know that I am extremely organized and particular about my things.

This sub didn't know me.

Nor did she take into account that I teach kids with autism and severe visual impairments. I bet they had a doozy of a time for a couple of weeks.

I went home and sulked, the wound too raw to even share on my blog. Was I being silly? Overly dramatic? I felt like someone had gone through my underwear drawer. Really!

Anyway, after six weeks of thinking about it, I was ready to go in on Monday with a smile on my face. The substitute teacher meant no harm, and I seriously think that she thought she was helping.

I still have no idea where our paint trays are. Or my cds. Or the books from the shelf that now holds a hodge-podge of games, no longer sorted by learning objective. I discovered Tuesday that the inside of my desk had been rearranged. It has been disorienting, frustrating, and even humbling. But I am back for my kiddos. And I guess that is what matters.


Blogger Allie said...

This I can totally commiserate with. I was out for three days last week for a conference and it was unpleasant to return to my classroom. Subs just don't get it. I'm PRAYING that I don't go into labor and am able to wait until my scheduled c-section date. Then I will only miss four days of school. The last four. At that point it won't matter what they did to my room because I'll be ready to start all over again for the next year.

10:37 AM  
Blogger Kathy said...

ha ha ha!! I used to vacuum myself out of my room so I could tell if someone went in and moved something!! My sister would purposely move objects 90* just to mess with me!

I completely understand!

2:22 PM  
Blogger Kandace Groenewegen said...

Completely COMPLETELY understand.

Kind of like someone house sitting for you rearranging your living room. Heeeeeeeello.

1:09 AM  
Blogger derral said...

derral: GIRL i definetly understand and agree. Hope the sub is still breathing. The crime must be a felony, and i know this COP who should be willing to put the fear of GOD into this fool. LOVE DERRAL

10:17 AM  
Blogger louann said...

Uh oh...but it is difficult really to have to "accept" the changes that happen while you are gone. But now you are back and you will have complete control over your classroom again!

7:53 AM  

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