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Friday, March 28, 2008

Never again

So much is going on in life, but I don't allow myself to read YOUR blogs unless I have posted something. So here goes.

Last night was my district's school board meeting, and Daniel and I went. Not cause we are all involved in the school board, but because we are all involved in the fact that the maternity leave policy was changed after I was already pregnant, and we lost about $5000.

Take money from a poor teacher, and she will be quick to get involved.

Anyway, we took Korenna with us to the meeting, but had to have a friend keep Dillon for a couple of hours cause the meeting wasn't about Thomas the Train, so Dillon didn't want to go. This friend had never watched Dillon for us, but he is easy. He just plays and shouts and eats. And runs. And shouts. Thats it.

When we dropped him off, my friend asked if she should feed him dinner.

"Well, he just ate an entire mammoth banana, so he probably won't be hungry. But if he is hungry, he will tell you and will probably eat whatever you offer him."

Ha! See how laid back I am? This from the mom who used to leave three pages of typed instructions for the sitter while I ran to Walmart. I am SO relaxed. And not obsessive at all. AT ALL.

After the meeting, I came home to put Korenna to bed, and Daniel went and got Dillon. When they got home I asked if Dillon had eaten.

"Uh.... yeah. Well, kind of," said Daniel, waving a tiny red flag.

"What did he eat for dinner?"


"Oh. Really? That is it? I don't know if he has ever had an Oreo before. Those are gross! What is that stuff in the middle anyway? That was his dinner? Sick!" My voice is escalating in pitch and tempo.

Daniel headed to the fridge to find something to give Dillon in order to head off my rant. His solution? Cheese. A string cheese stick. Great.

Dillon munched happily on the cheese, then we bathed him and put him to bed.

Fast forward to about 1am. Yes, here it comes:

"Mmmmmmaaaaaammmmmmaaaaaaaa! It is so lucky in he-ah! I so lucky!"

(Translation: lucky means yucky, which is actually the opposite of "lucky" for me.)

I went in his room to find Dillon swimming in a sea of cheesy chocolate throw-up. (If that visual doesn't create a food aversion for all of you out there, I think you are made of steel. I'm certainly gonna pass on the Thin Mints for awhile.)

After the clean up, I have decided that it doesn't hurt to be a LITTLE less relaxed about my kids. Unless someone else is gonna volunteer to wash sheets in the middle of the night.


Blogger Jennboree said...

This made me laugh AND gag. Not a small feat since I have two tyrants (of course I mean "angels") of my own.

Oreos? All that white greasiness helped the cheese resurface.

Yucky = lucky. Who knew?

5:37 PM  
Blogger Allison said...

Ewww... so sorry you saw his yummy dinner resurface in the middle of the night.

Oh but the Oreos? You've got to be kidding me... I thought everyone loved Oreos. Especially the yummy creamy middle. :D

10:04 PM  
Blogger Katrina said...

Yeah, I totally agree with you! After years of good-natured ribbing about my overprotective nature, I have TRIED to relax a little about leaving my kids in other people's care. I'm not so good at it. Your post makes me feel vindicated...lol! We have to watch what Caleb eats since he is hypoglycemic and sugar first turns him into a screeching creature from another planet and then makes him crash, leaving him shaking and weak and unable to get up from his bed. It's kinda scary, actually.

I had to laugh at the "cheesy chocolate throw up", though. Sorry. It's funny, but only because I didn't have to clean it up.

1:55 AM  
Blogger Mrs. Finn said...

Yeah, Allison, I notice several of my Oreos missing every time you leave my house. =) ...And I hid my thin mints.

9:56 PM  

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