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Saturday, April 02, 2005


I did a post a few months ago that had a few "about me" things on it, but here is the complete, or almost complete, list:

1) I love vanilla ice cream better than any other kind.

2) I am a middle child. My sister was always "the pretty one" and my younger brother was always "the wild one." I was "the smart one" until recently, baby boy started stealing my thunder as a junior in college. But this is not about him...

3) I love to read. I usually have at least one book going. If I have two, they have to be of different genres so I don't get confused.

4) I am the proud mother of a little black boy named Tux. He can sit, roll over, speak, lay down, jump up, dance, shake, and get any number of his toys by name.

5) I grew up here in this little town, and I don't plan on leaving.

6) I have driven a truck since I was 18, and I can't see myself driving anything else.

7) I was a counselor for delinquent teens at a wilderness camp for one year. We cooked our food over a fire that we built, we slept outside unless it was below 20 degrees farenheit, we showered as a group, and we used latrines and chamberpots. I got very attached to my "clients" and some of us are still in touch.

8) My parents live two minutes from my house.

9) I have been married since March 2, 2003 to Daniel. Neither one of us believe in divorce, so we are in it for the long haul.

10) I skipped the first grade because I already knew how to read and write better than my peers.

11) I have naturally red hair, but I have dyed it dark brown for about seven or eight months.

12) I have two degrees (B.A. in psychology and criminal justice, M.Ed. in early childhood education) and will possibly go back to school in the fall for a third (M.Ed. in autism/severe emotional disorders).

13) I like summertime better than wintertime. Until October, then I am ready for cold weather!

14) I use Mitchum deoderant. I have tried every other deoderant on the market, and still have half-used sticks of most of them.

15) I hate folding sheets and refuse to do it. My best friend can fold them into perfect rectangles that look ironed. I refuse to compete with that.

16) I love to watch Friends. I go through cycles of who my favorite character is, but they all get their turns. Daniel just loves Phoebe.

17) This is my second year to grow tomatoes in my own backyard. I take them to friends in Dallas who think I am absurd.

18) I have taught pre-kindergarten for three years. Nothing makes me sick except chain-reaction-kid-vomit. I can handle everything else.

19) I would rather have fruit than pizza, any day.

20) I have been out of the country twice - when we went on a cruise for our honeymoon and when we went to England last summer.

21) My dad is the smartest guy I know.

22) I used to not cook at all, but now I am a darn good cook thanks to allrecipes.com.

23) I want to have four or five kids, mostly boys. Of course, if I get just one girl, I will deny having ever said that.

24) I like to go to the dentist.

25) I habitually correct people's pronounciation or grammar without thinking about it. Most people probably think I am rude.

26) I picked out my own engagement ring, and give Daniel all the credit for it. (Except for here, I guess!)

27) I went on a mission trip in 1997 to Santa Cruz, California, with Campus Crusade for Christ. It changed my life.

28) I still get those hang-up-pains in my chest from breathing. My mom says that they are from growing, but give me a break! I'm not growing any more!

29) I love shortbread Girlscout cookies.

30) I cannot stand for my house to be dirty, so I am a fairly good housekeeper. Sometimes I throw things in Daniel's closet, but that is better than having an arguement about clutter.

31) My least favorite color is "pollen" which is the color of my car and driveway right now.

32) I have never had any serious medical problems, except for severe migraines, but you can't do anything about that!

33) I love all kinds of music, and I love the way I sing. I can sound like Kelly Clarkson or WHAM! or Nicole Nordeman or Three Doors Down or Alabama or Men Without Hats. Okay, I only sound that way by myself in the car. Not in front of anybody.

34) I don't like to be late. At all. I would rather not go.

35) I love to eat crawfish.

36) Sometimes I don't answer the phone because talking on the phone is one of my least favorite things to do.

37) I am a good apologizer. I have to be, because I have a big mouth and I offend people without knowing it.

38) I have my own black, fully-stocked toolbox.

39) I lose interest in projects about 30% of the way through. I am actually going to have to stop this list now and come back later.


Okay, here goes again.

40) I attend a Bible church. I love it! I love the people and the preacher and the songs and the sermons and the fellowship and, and, and...

41) I love Fall Back, and I dislike Spring Forward, for obvious reasons.

42) I have a superficial interest in current events but am not a "news" watcher.

43) I don't like raisins or peanuts by themselves, but I love them mixed together.

44) I am ticklish.

45) I bit my nails for the majority of my life but I quit about three years ago, and now they grow until I tear them off or use them as staple removers at school.

46) I am a wife, daughter, sister, neice, granddaughter, cousin, aunt, and MOM.

47) I love to take bubble baths and read in the tub.

48) I got a full scholarship to college because I wrote an essay on Texas.

49) I talk to myself.

50) I am not overweight, but I could stand to lose about 10 or 15 pounds. I have been the same size for the past five years (roughly) but gained considerably in college.

51) I like fountain Coke better than bottled or canned.

52) I have never smoked a cigarette, tried weed, or done any other illegal drug.

53) My husband is half-Korean, and lots of people think he is Hispanic. I was very nervous about bringing this non-white boy home to meet the folks, but Mom and Dad love him.

54) I know how to sew buttons on, but that is all the sewing experience I have. I like it when people can make their own clothes.

55) I have mild depression, anxiety and borderline obsessive-compulsive disorder. I take medicine which makes me normal.

56) I have worn the same watch since I was 18. It is a Fossil and I will never wear another brand of watch, because this one takes a lickin' and keeps on tickin'!

57) I do not have very many girlfriends and I need lots of alone time.

58) Daniel and I danced to Don Williams at our wedding, and I think he has the sweetest voice ever. Don, not Daniel.

59) I find it very difficult to think of 100 things about me that anyone would want to know.


60) I love... LOVE... margaritas. Something about the salt and the lime and the mouth puckering flavor of tequila. I don't drink much, but that is my poison.

61) I have taught my students how to give me backrubs at school. Sometimes they get a turn too, but mostly it is all about me.

62) I used to be in the Army ROTC program in college.

63) I have a nice SLR camera with zoom lenses and I like to take pictures. It is an expensive hobby though - I need to switch to a digital SLR. (Hello, Daniel? Are you reading this?)

64) I only cry about three or four times a year.

65) I like to mow the yard and I did it for money in college.

66) I really like to get bitten by fire ants. After a few days, they swell up and you can squeeze them for fun in your spare time.

67) I am naked a lot at my house.

68) Romaine is better than iceburg.

69) I didn't "walk" at either of my college graduation ceremonies.

70) I thrive on feedback and I always want to know what people really think. I think everyone is like this, and because of this, see numbers 25 and 37.

71) I know how to check hair for lice and I know how to treat it. This without even having my own children!

72) I went to a tanning bed in high school and college, and now I think it is ridiculous that anyone would do that to their body.

73) I met my husband when I was dispatching at the police department. He saw my underwear when I bent over to get something, and he was hooked. Romantic, huh?

74) I always leave my flat-iron on in the bathroom when I leave for work. Daniel is convinced I am going to burn the house down one of these days.

75) I have vivid dreams in color and I can usually remember them in the morning. I have dreams about people that I used to know and if you are ever in my dreams, I will probably tell you.

76) When I was little, my family adopted a woman, Miss Gertrude, at the nursing home. We would go visit her and bring her things. We had missed a couple of months, and when we finally went to visit her, she had died. That is traumatizing to a kid.

77) My dad used to want me to be an astronaut.

78) My friends are all low-maintenance because I can't keep anyone else around.

79) I sleep by myself at least three nights a week because my husband works at night.

80) When I have a migraine, I still call my mom to come take care of me.

81) I used to think I would die young because I couldn't imagine myself all grown up.

82) If you smoke, I usually want to tell you that you stink and that is disgusting. You can be the prettiest person on the outside, but if I get wind of stale butts, you are far down on my list of people to associate with.

83) I shave my armpits every day.

84) My favorite movie is Night at the Roxbury.

85) I wear a James Avery fish ring on my right ring finger. My favorite thing about it is that, when I wash my hands with bar soap, little bits of soap get caught in the fishes and then I get to pick them out later when they dry.

86) I have one piercing in each ear, no tattoos and no other body jewelry.

87) I love the ocean. I want to live by the ocean, but definitely somewhere on the West Coast or East Coast, NOT THE NASTY GULF OF MEXICO. And not somewhere cold. Beaches should be warm.

88) I think people who don't vote should shush.

89) I do not think women make very good police officers. I can say that because I actually pursued the career and pre-tested with some departments before I discovered that men are actually better made for the job. (I am usually very womens'-lib so don't even start with me.)

90) I cannot stand home improvement shows. HGTV, TLC, Design on a Dime, Curb Appeal, Designing for the Sexes...give me a break! Daniel watches all of those and I can't stand them. Don't watch TV! Get up and do something around the house!

91) I play with words obsessively in my head. I rearrange letters, make words out of other words, make acronyms, etc. This is an almost constant activity if I do not have something to occupy my thoughts.

92) I feel sad about elephants in the circus.

93) At a Mexican restaurant, I will eat either the rice or the beans, but never both.

94) My mother is half-German and my dad is part Native American. But I just look like a white girl.

95) One time in college, I was talking to someone and I ran right into a tree. It was like something you would see on a commercial. I could never replicate the stupidity of that moment.

96) I have no desire to participate in extreme sports. I value my life and I am fearful of pushing my limits. I like to be on the ground and I like to travel at normal speeds to get from point A to point B.

97) I have a bearded dragon named Nate Backer Woden who lives at my school. He is grumpy when he sheds and he loves to eat crickets. Other than that, he just sits around and gets fatter by the day.

98) If you invite me to a home-party (Pampered Chef, Southern Living, etc), I will purchase something and then hold it against you when I don't use it. Because you know that I can't say no. You knew that when you invited me.

99) I have -6.5 vision in both eyes.

100) I want people to play with my hair. Even if they are not people I know. I like that more than anything. My momma is the best at this and she has ruined me for life because I will always be seeking another person who does this just as well as she does. Like getting a good high after your first encounter with cocaine. Impossible. (For reassurance, see number 52.)

Thanks for hanging in there till the end. Which one surprised you most? Am I pretty predictable?


Blogger jes said...

Amanda! I loved reading through this list. I don't think that any surprised me. Not because you are predictable, but just because I didn't have any expectations of being surprised.

If this really concerns you, I can read through it again and "choose" one that I "surprised" me, just to make you feel better. :)

5:34 AM  
Blogger Amanda Sue said...

no, don't do that! if you do, though, i might bring you some tomatoes this summer...

why are you awake at this hour?

8:47 AM  
Blogger Jennboree said...

Okay...where have I been?

I didn't know:

You were in ROTC

You like crawfish

You mowed lawns for money in college

Daniel was attracted to you via a panty peek

Though I do remember Miss Gertrude. You were devestated when you went to visit and she was gone! I think you had a gift for her that day...a doll or stuffed animal?

Thanks for the info! I feel enlightened.

10:31 AM  
Blogger Amanda Sue said...

it was a stuffed dog that i named miss gertrude. i still have her.

i bet you could make a list of 100 things, and i bet i wouldn't know them all!

7:18 PM  
Blogger Katie said...

Amanda Sue you are the person I've been searching for my whole life. I'm -6.5 in both my eyes too and I am always hacked when people ask me to look through their glasses when I am contact-less and see if they work. Don't those people know that if my glasses are the thickness of coke bottles then thier rinky dink bought them at the nearest walmart cause their cute glasses are like looking through a window and hoping that it will correct my vision. You are my new best friend now.

3:03 PM  
Blogger Michelle said...

I'm glad that even though I knew a lot of these things about you, there will still at least 30 that I didn't know! :)

3:36 PM  
Blogger Amanda Sue said...

kt - that is cool! i have never known anyone with vision as horrible as mine! i never got glasses until the second grade, so i spent a whole lot of time squinting until then. the sad thing is, NO frames look cute with these fat lenses in them.

5:53 PM  

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