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Friday, March 18, 2005

Am I ever!

Last night, I was preparing dinner and talking with my sweetheart. He watched me as I stuck a rather large spatula into a jar to get the rest of the applesauce out. It fit into the neck of the jar (barely) and scraped the sides of the jar (nicely). When I tried to pull the spatula out, of course it wouldn't come, so I yanked it really hard and applesauce flew all over the place, making my effort a giant waste of time.

My sweetest took one look and me and said, "You should be so glad that I don't keep a blog..."


Blogger Jennboree said...

Fortunately for us, you have no problem telling us about your daily mishaps. I can only imagine the horror stricken look on your child's face when you are blogging about his/her daily mishaps a few years from now.

The joy of parenting. Mom's right! Embarrassing your kids IS gonna be fun! :)

9:26 AM  

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