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Saturday, September 01, 2007

It's not easy being green

For one of our in-service days last week, our entire faculty took a personality test. Our principal wanted us to learn more about ourselves and each other, so that we can better relate. It was a short little quiz where we ranked our perceptions of ourselves in reference to a list of adjectives. There were four possible "colors" or personalities that this test delineated, and we had four long tables with colored cloths on them. As we determined our dominant color, we were to go to our matching table.

I figured there would be about a quarter of the faculty at each table, and I was eager to see who was "like me," so I hurried over to the green table.


No one is like me.

Well, actually, out of 100 faculty, two other people are like me.

The three of us huddled at our table as we watched the gold table overflow and come borrow chairs from us. We watched the "normal-sized" groups of blue and orange find camaraderie in their likenesses. I looked at the two people that sat with me, and realized that I didn't know them at all, and couldn't think what we could possibly have in common.

Because our group was so tiny, the lecturer decided to tell everyone about us first.

Here is what I learned about me:

Only 5% of the population is "green" and of those, 95% are men. I have a man personality. We are very misunderstood our whole lives. We are labeled as unfriendly and snobbish. Most people think we are self-absorbed, but we are usually consumed with the problems of the day. Our minds do not relax. We don't like frivolous stuff - no romantic movies, no silly games or pretentious conversation. If you have something to say to me, you better just say it and not waste my time. We like to be in control, and we don't work well with others. We like research-based facts, and we spend a lot of time absorbing knowledge from our surroundings.
Wow! That is pretty harsh! Self-absorbed? Unfriendly?

People came up to me afterwards and actually said "I understand you so much better now!" and "I have always thought you didn't like me! But you are just too busy thinking to be nice!"

It was a fun game that we played, and it was fun to see who went in what category - the highly social oranges, the organized and meticulous golds, and the tree-hugging blues. Oh, and the misunderstood, controlling, nerds of green.


Well, now you know.


Blogger Allison said...

Had you told me what each color represented, I would have probably put in in green or gold. :) I know you and like you lots, even if you are a bit different. ;) I'm curious now, which color I'd be...

1:56 PM  
Blogger Jennboree said...

WOw. I wonder what group I'd be in. Yellow? ie. Big Chicken?

I think that personality test got you pretty good, as far as how others may perceive you to be. You are a very strong force to be reckoned with and often people don't immediately understand you.

But I do! I know your warmth, how giving you are and the insightfulness you have. You are very funny, witty and loving. Why else would you be my best friend? DUH.

3:32 PM  
Blogger louann said...

A bit more infoe added :) Tests / activities like that make people more aware of who you are and allow them to understand others MUCH much better :)
I am curious about which color I would be though :)

8:58 PM  
Blogger Kelly said...

Eeeek...I'm thinking I might be green too...but I'm really NOT a snob. Really.
Speaking of green, are you any shades of green or is the new fetus being kind to your innards?

12:03 PM  
Blogger YankeeAmanda said...

I don't think you're green at all. Sort of a peachy-pink, I'd say.

More Dillon pics!!!

3:21 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Oh yes, I've participated in that color/personality test many times. I'm a true sentimental sappy blue through and through. Gold would be a very close second.

I actually admire the greens - very logical and thinking types - I think because I tip way too far on the feeling end of the scale. Maybe that is why I enjoy your blog so much. Witty, insightful, but definitely not sappy. (That is a complement, by the way!)

10:24 PM  

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