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Sunday, September 23, 2007

My favorite

I tell Dillon every day that he is my favorite. He says "Uhhhnkay, Mommy!" which is his way of totally agreeing with me so that I will put him down so he can go play.

I guess, come January, I will have to tack on the word "boy" to the end of that statement so his new sister won't get jealous.

Dillon just turned two last week. He is growing so quickly, and changing so much every day, that I wanted to write a few things that he says and does that make him my favorite:

* He sees tiny things from a distance and proclaims their existence with such enthusiasm! "Look, Mama! A ba-fly!" (way across that field) or "I see a bawl!" (that the boy in the next car has in his hand). Riding in the car is as exciting for him as going to the zoo. He always finds new things to see and talk about.

* If I fake cry (I know it is mean, but don't act like YOU haven't done that!) he gets a very worried look on his face and gives me hugs. If he did something wrong, he says "Soy, mama! I soy!"

* When he wants to color, he says "I color me!" and then goes to sit in his little wooden desk to wait for crayons and paper. Woe is me if I don't hear him the first time!

* He says "again" at the end of everything now. "I go ah-side, gin?" or "I hungee gin" or "I watch Gackyadagin-agin?"or "I got a booga, gin!"

* He calls himself Lillon Zahnsan, and sometimes refers to himself in 3rd person: "You get a 'nana for Lillon?"

* Instead of "Yay!" he says "LLLay!" when he does something special.

* When he falls down, he says "I'n okay! I'n okay!"

* Daily when I pick him up from school, he says "I 'na go Gima n' Gimpa's ... HOUSE!"

* Today I asked him if he was crying, and he said "NO, mama!" but then he put his face in his hands and did a fake whine. He grinned up at me when he was done, all proud that he had faked me out. Wonder who taught him that?

* He announces in a loud voice in public places that he poo-poo'd, even though it is usually just air.

* He is such a big boy when he has to go to bed or go take a nap. He says "G'night Mama! See younamorna!" (which, I think means, "see you in the morning!")

* He knows where the baby is, and he points to it. I ask him if it is a girl baby or a boy baby, and he says "A guh bobby!"

I know all mamas wonder if they can love the next baby as much as the first, and so on. I think it must just be a whole new love from a whole different part of your heart. I can't wait to see!


Blogger Jennboree said...

I couldn't believe how well he is speaking now! In just a couple of months we went from baby to big little boy!!

No worries, lil sis. You will be absolutely in love with your daughter as you are with your son. Everything she does will be like experiencing it for the first time.

6:28 PM  
Blogger louann said...

All of that is so cute! So cute.

You know, I did wonder, when I was about 7 months and was sitting with a friend over lunch, whether what I felt for Josh would be the same with the new baby. I totally thought about those things until the day I gave birth.
And today, I can't explain how or what it is. But it is something beautiful that only you would be able to feel once the 2nd one comes.
Now, I wonder how it is going to be with the 3rd or the 4th...can't wait!

9:02 PM  
Blogger Allison said...

You are so smart! So smart to write that stuff down, to take the time to think about what makes Dillon so stinkin cute and lovable right now.

jennboree and louann are soooo right about baby #2. What I noticed more than anything was that I took "ownership" of #2 and #3 so much faster. You remember when you were at the hospital and you'd just wait for the nurses to bring the baby (maybe it was just me), or you'd look at your mom/sister/husband and say, I wonder when they'll bring him back. With my 2nd and 3rd, I was actually calling them saying... can I have my baby back now? You're already a mom, and you know (s)he's yours and instead of wondering if the nurses are crazy enough to let you leave with this little baby, you think to yourself... if these nurses even think twice about stopping me... I'll show them! Ha!

9:56 PM  
Blogger S.P. said...

Awww... that is so sweet! I love all the cute little things they say and the way they say them! Many years from now that will be a cherised blog post!

10:11 PM  
Blogger YankeeAmanda said...

I am now wondering the same thing!!! I guess I'll find out come May!

10:35 PM  

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