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Sunday, January 16, 2005

Seven degrees of separation (or Kevin Bacon)

Anyone who gets chain-emails is familiar with this theory. You are within seven contacts of knowing every person on Earth. Well, this weekend, I have not only proven this theory, but found an exception. I present:

The Three Degrees of Ricci Jean Wilson

Ricci is a dear friend of mine, and also a co-worker. She has a sweet heart and would do her best to help you if you needed it. Ricci also knows roughly 25% of the population of the earth. Part One of my theory is that the rest of the population can be reached by her within three degrees. The proof is in the following story.

I only told one person at Woden (my small, rural school) that I was pregnant. I did also tell my blog readers, and my family. I really wanted to wait until later to tell my co-workers, just because it is SO EARLY. So I had conversations with Ricci without even mentioning this secret.

But I told my Grandma Collier (#1) on Friday who told her brother, Uncle Sambo (#2) who called his old neighbor, Nancy Taylor (#3). Nancy called her daughter Ricci, and Ricci called me at 11pm on a Saturday night with her feelin's hurt.

Part Two of my theory is this: Seeing how Ricci knows so many people, the most efficient way to spread news is to tell her, encourage her to tell her contacts, then sit back and wait for the phone to start ringing!

I love you, Ricci, and I'm sorry!


Blogger Jennboree said...

It is truly a very small world. Especially when pregnant.

I don't know how many degrees were involved, but Heath's very first high school girlfriend's mother & grandmother found out we had a baby and sent handmade gifts. Heath had not talked to the ex-g or her rentals since he was about 19. The grandmother, who is older than dirt by now, hand stitched some bloomers (okay, that's a whole other blog right there) for our tiny one's bottom.

It is one reason we must all mind our p's n q's because word travels very fast...and sometimes to those we don't particularly want to have access to information on us :)

And besides...do you REALLY think you could wait much longer to start spreadin' the news???? You ARE my sister after all. I didn't even have doc confirmation when I had it printed in all major newspapers across the nation. Okay, not really..but that would've been fun.

10:27 PM  

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