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Sunday, February 20, 2005

What I learned in church today

Before proceeding, please read this hilarious post on my friend Jes's blog.

Did you read it? You really should, or you won't get the point of my post.

I read Jessica's post on Friday, and I couldn't remember what symbiotic meant, so I looked it up. Yes, I am one of THOSE people. I knew the term from life science in the 9th grade, but really had not heard those words since then, so, not only was Jes's post funny, but it also revitalized some sleeping neurons in my brain.

Anyway, on to church. Sometimes God uses funny ways to get our attention, and He definitely did that today.

Justin (our preacher at GBC) was discussing Luke 6, and he came to the verse that talks about how it is no big deal to love people who love you, because even sinners do that. As Christians, we should love those who hate us. We do not need to seek out only symbiotic relationships, but we need to love our enemies, as well.

Now, I was listening. I always listen, even if I am making faces (see post from Jan 30th). But at the mention of the words "symbiotic relationship" my eyes got HUGE. I must have looked like a cartoon version of myself. I actually looked around to see if Jessica was at my church.

Church can become routine: a time to visit, sing songs (which I really love to do), listen to a sermon, and then plan where to go for lunch. God opened my eyes (WIDE) this morning that, if we are willing to listen, He will speak to each one of us. And He can even make us laugh.


Blogger jes said...

amanda! that's so fun that God used Justin to speak just to you through such a simple, two-worded phrase!

alas, i was not there. but i wish i could have been!! :)

9:40 AM  

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