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Monday, February 14, 2005


My husband read my blog today! He said he really liked some of the reader comments and that he laughed at some stuff I wrote. That is a huge compliment! I was so excited that he did that, and I didn't even nag him. What I would like to share with you, dear-readers-other-than-my-husband, is the tail end of our conversation, which goes as follows:

A: I am so glad you read my blog!

D: Yeah, I liked it. But I don't understand how there got to be all those porn links on there.

A: What porn links?

D: About boob jobs. There are some porn links about boob jobs on your site.

A: Nuh-uh!

D: Yeah! Come here, I will show you!

So we went to the computer, and logged on to my site. He clicked on "My Profile" then he clicked on the keyword "married." He scrolled down through about ten blogs, then clicked on the ONE PICTURE THAT LOOKS KIND OF SEDUCTIVE. There is another blogger's profile, and he scrolls quickly down and clicks on one of her two blog choices. Up comes this very inappropriate and yucky blog site with lots of boobies.

How does my dear sweet husband, who loves me above all other women, manage to find the ONE link that is boob-related? He can't have been on the computer more that about 15 minutes by himself, and during that time, he read A LOT of my blog. Is he a homing pigeon? Does he have GPS for boobies?


Blogger jes said...

i didn't even know that you could use key words to search other blogs like that. thanks, daniel! we shall all seek out the boobies now!

8:53 AM  
Blogger Amanda Sue said...

I am so glad he could teach the knowledgable ?Jes? something.

11:53 AM  

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