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Wednesday, March 09, 2005

And the sky was filled with a bright light, and angels sang, and I heard a loud voice!

Okay, I am exaggerating again. But I do have something exciting to share.

My mother brought some hydrangeas over for Daniel and I to plant on one side of our house this afternoon. In case you didn't notice, it was a gorgeous day here in East Texas. We had already mowed the yard, and I had weeded a flowerbed. We dug holes for the bushes and planted them. I think they will look great! We were cleaning up around dusk, and I was examining my pitiful fingernails. I turned my hands over to look at my palms, and:

"Lo! The thumb of her left hand was tinted green! (Not the green of toothpaste or the green of neon, but a nice grassy shade.)"

I screamed hysterically that I had been waiting for this my whole life and showed my mortified husband my thumb. He was busy ducking behind the house in case the neighbors might witness this display.

Isn't that funny that God turned my thumb green? It just confirms that I am skilled in the area of gardening.

Let's not talk about the paint we used at school today. I am sure it was a message from the Lord.


Blogger jes said...

i am so gullible. i really thought your thumb turned green from working in the yard, and i was thinking to myself, "how come my thumbs have never turned green when i've been working in the yard?"

7:09 PM  
Blogger Amanda Sue said...

i can't BELIEVE you took a break from 24 long enough to read a blog. you have been so neglectful of the blogger community the past few days. sure, you blog at work, but i know you sprout couch potato roots as soon as you get home...

7:18 PM  

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