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Wednesday, July 09, 2008

I'm SO not pregnant anymore

I love Target, and I loved finding this black Liz Lange maternity tee on clearance at Target for $2.48 about nine months ago. When I was pregnant, and it was appropriate to buy maternity clothes.

But I am not pregnant anymore, and I really, really need to stop wearing the black Liz Lange maternity tee. Even though it is black (my favorite color that matches everything, especially my summer flip-flops) and really comfortable and not clingy (cause I still have that baggy skin that comes with growing babies in yer tummy) and versatile.

So I am going to the local department store. On the hunt for some shirts that meet all my criteria. I think Hanes might make one. Or Fruit of the Loom. But prolly not at $2.48. I am sure to be disappointed.

But my black Liz Lange maternity tee is dirty, and I have nothing to wear.

**** Update ****

I am frantically washing dark clothes so I will have something to wear tomorrow. My shopping trip was unproductive and frustrating, so go easy on me if you see me in the black shirt. Its all I got, man.


Blogger TNT2008 said...

I had our second baby seven months ago and I still cannot get rid of my black Oh Baby by MOTHERHOOD tee. I finally stopped wearing it in public when two ladies asked when I was expecting! Wow! You can't see the double stroller? I have baby fat!!

8:52 AM  
Blogger Melis said...

I had my son 8 weeks ago and have been miraculously able to wear almost all of my pre-preggers clothes already (Thank you Jesus!), BUT there are a few maternity things I will probably wear forever. One is a pair of faded black yoga pants. They're the fold-over under belly kind that have a drawstring. SOOOOO comfy and really cute AND they keep their shape even after 13 days of continuous wear.
Another one is a pair of brown knit gauchos. They have the rouching at the waist. They're the under belly kind too. Love, love, love them.
The third thing I will probably wear forever is this green tank tunic shirt that I never really liked as a shirt but LOVE it as a nightgown. In fact I just commented to my husband the other night that the shirt looks so different without a huge belly in it. He gave me a look that I'm sure said something like, "where the heck are those sexy little numbers you used to wear." Sorry Honey. Those little numbers are what got me preggers to begin with. Know what I'm saying?

2:11 PM  
Blogger Jennboree said...

Are you kidding me? I still wear my totally cute brown sequined Old Navy maternity tank!

2:17 PM  

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