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Thursday, January 20, 2005

Afternoon snack

I am feeling nostalgic about my job, seeing as how I was sent home from it today. My eyes had some abnormally gross crusties all around the lids and I am talking like a pack-a-day smoker does after about twenty years. Apparently, I am not supposed to take care of my nineteen babies on a day like this, I am supposed to come home and take care of myself. OH!

My job teaches me many things. I probably learn more than the kids. Well, at least as much as they do.

I know that I need to eat a snack in the early afternoon. It makes me in a better mood. I stop what I am doing and eat about ten goldfish and a glass of milk, or one graham cracker with a Capri Sun juice pack. Mid-afternoon snacks should be a national mandate.

I know that everyone wants to pretend to be a cowboy. So sometimes, I take a minute to gallop around saying "yeehaw" just because it is really fun. At school.

I know that birthdays are the most special day! You gotta tell everyone! Just so they can be happy WITH you.

I know that kids songs are cool and when I listen to them all day, I sing them all night and weekend. But I have learned some great ones that I didn't know as a kid. Like "The Grand Old Duke of York." But the one on the "Nursery Rhymes" cd is better than the "Kid's Ballads." For obvious reasons.

I know that tiny bo-bos need attention, no matter how small. That is why I run to Daniel with my hangnail or miniscule bruise for him to examine. It is comforting.

I know that it is so easy to love Jesus as a child. They know He is in their heart and they know He is a "good guy like the Power Rangers." They want to make Him happy and they believe that He watches them all day, every day. When we have our state-required daily "moment of silence," I tell my kids to talk to God. They say heartbreaking things like "Hey God. Thanks for the weather." and "Hi God. What are you doing?" and "God, I want my momma to come pick me up today cause I don't like to ride the bus." It is amazingly sweet.

These are just a few reasons that I fit in pretty well with four year olds. So, if ever in casual conversation, I throw in a "Yee-haw" just out of nowhere, take a moment to recognize that you have wanted to say that all along.


Blogger jes said...

i am trying to imagine you galloping around, saying "Yee Haw" for a FULL MINUTE.

. . .

yeah, i really think that i need to SEE that happen. it would be much funnier in person than it is in my imagination.

5:37 PM  
Blogger Amanda Sue said...

Okay, I shouldn't have said "minute." perhaps "moment" or "several seconds," but you are right - a minute would be utterly rediculous.

In addition to the galloping and yee-hawing, I do play the clean version of "Cotton Eyed Joe" and have taught my kids the line dance. We have a wild time in room 15!

12:18 PM  

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