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Tuesday, August 30, 2005

I'm, like, a college student!

School started for me today! I actually dusted off my backpack and carried it with me. All it had in it was gum and a pen, but I felt like a real student!

I guess the stress of going back to school made me a tad irritable. Today, the bane of my existance was phone conversations. Not conversations that I had, but those that I was subjected to.

I had about 45 minutes to kill between classes, so I sat on a couch in a lobby and read. Someone would walk through the door and say "Hey!" pretty loudly. I would look up to see who was saying hi to me (um, you know, cause I am so popular), only to realize that they were shouting into their phone. Everyone talks on the phone! I hate talking on the phone! Other people should too!

Another irritating thing was something one of the phone talkers said. She said "Cool beans." I am not kidding. Do people say that anymore? For the record, I never said it "back in the day" because it doesn't make sense, but really - do people say that still???

I puzzled over that for a while, till she interrupted her conversation to say "Hey, lemme check out who just text messaged me!" She then looked at her phone, laughed obnoxiously, got back on the phone and told the person what her message said. Then she laughed obnoxiously loud and said she had another call, and could the other person please "Hang for a sec." Then she clicked over. Then she said "Lemmecallyaback!" before hanging up on the interrupter.

This entire conversation was had within about two feet of me, since she had joined me on the couch. After reading the same sentence about 18 times, I decided to put my book away and go ahead to class, even though I would be geekishly early.

Cool beans, huh?


Blogger jes said...

i don't recall every saying "cool beans" either. gosh. that's irritating. i think it should be mandatory that people talk OUTSIDE rather than inside if they insist on being on the phone. unless, of course, it's me, and then i can call whomever i want whenever i want, because it is a fact that my phone calls don't last longer than 3 minutes tops, and that is only if the person is FORCING me to stay in the conversation. i won't name any names, but her website is kpinion.blogspot.com.

7:26 PM  
Blogger Amanda Sue said...

very discrete. i have NO IDEA who you could be talking about jes.

glad there is someone else out there who hates the phone! let's not call each other! mmmkay?

8:37 PM  
Blogger Melinda said...

So there is nothing wrong with the phrase, "Cool beans". Now granted that is because I use it and my Father uses it. So thus, only the overly educated and well-rounded city folks use it! :)

Thank you for bringing out the fact of the overly used cell phone use. I used to sit in the library and "do homework" and count the number of people who would come out of the education and business buildings that were either on the phone or lighting up. It ended up being that if you weren't on the phone than you were lighting up. It was some 1 out of 8 kids that came out not doing anything but walking. Stupid, crazy college kids! :) Oh wait, I'm one of those...except I have my iPod and I'm singing: "At first I was afriad, I was petrified, kept thinking I could never live without you by my side...." (in a very loud voice!) :) (I know, I need a life)

9:14 PM  
Blogger coco said...

AS -- Oh, no! Your new comment thingie is going to have me as "Coco" forever. I did that once on another blog as a joke and now I can't make it go away!

But this is Tracey from "worship naked." And I really just wanted to congratulate you on being back at school. That's cool beans, really.

BTW -- Since you strike me as the competitive-in-a-good-way sort, thought I'd let you know I'm having a contest at my site on Weds. morning. It's all gonna be done LIVE, so join us if you can!

11:48 PM  
Blogger Amanda said...

I know that probably fifty-thousand people have asked you this, and you may have even mentioned it in a post which I'm completely forgotten (not uncommon these days), but how long are you planning on taking off of school when the baby comes?

Also, many congrats on your first day back. I loved being in school. Well, the college kind anyway. :)

8:42 AM  
Blogger Jennboree said...

What are we supposed to say?

"Hot beans" ??

"Room temp beans" ??

C'mon, Amanda Sue. Seriously....

11:03 AM  
Blogger Amanda Sue said...

tracey - sorry i missed your contest! i am competitive, and it IS in a good way! :)

amanda - i will probably miss a couple weeks of classes. my husband and mother are going to keep dillon when i start back.

jen - no beans need to be referenced, regardless of their temp.

melinda - just don't say it around me. when it is the first day of class and i am irritable. :)

12:10 PM  
Blogger Princess21 said...

Ok...I said it....and still do! Please don't make fun of me!!!

And I love the phone! Always have and always will! I could call you sometime if you'd like?? Cool Beans! :)

2:01 PM  

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