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Tuesday, May 05, 2009

Sleep tight

Have you ever had "night laughing?" It is similar to "church laughing" but instead of being in church, you are laying in your own bed. There has to be an element of suppression, so obviously, if you are in your own bed alone, you probably are not trying to suppress anything, and that would not be considered "night laughing." But if your spouse is trying to sleep right beside you, that is usually enough of a silence motivator to produce "night laughing," if and when something funny happens. In the middle of the night. While you are supposed to be sleeping.

This happened the other night when Dillon got out of bed. Forty times. For many reasons, like "Come fix my covahs" and "I need to go potty" and "My clock won't turn to six!"

It was Daniel's turn. I had my turn the night before.

Daniel was furious. He does not handle being awoken from his nocturnal lumberjack adventures (sawing logs) with any kind of grace. He stumbled out of bed and fixed Dillon's covers. He went to the bathroom with him to turn the light on (cause we emphasize good aim at a young age). He explained that his "clock would turn to six when it actually was six, and not THREE in the morning."

The last time Dillon came in, the hilarity of the moment pushed me over the edge. He brought in his sippy cup of ice water. (His daddy fixes it for him every night so that he won't have to come get us when he is thirsty.) He shook the cup and made the water slosh and to show his daddy that there was no ice in there anymore.

"Daddy?? This water is NYAAAAAASTY!" He said in his a really nasal and whiny voice, and since "nasty" is not a word we use much, and he obviously picked it, and the pronunciation, up from someone else, it made me think about what would make a three year old be so vehement about how NYAAAAAASTY something was, and it just made me laugh.

A lot.

With tears.

Because, really???? This kid picks his nose (while saying, from the backseat where I can't reach him, "Mama! I'm not picking my nose, okay?"), and he eats food off the floor, and he talks a lot about bathroom stuff. So for THIS kid to think that his water was NYAAAAAASTY, and the very idea that this so compelled him to come out of his bedroom and announce this observation to his (kind of) slumbering father, was just too much for me.

And it would have been for you too. If you had been there. In which case we both could have laughed out loud! Cause two night laughers can overpower one night sleeper anytime.