< Upheaval: October 2006

Monday, October 30, 2006

Blurry tangents

So, apparently (I can tell by the lack of traffic lately), you guys are WAY intimidated by my efforts to post so frequently. I know you are probably feeling a little unworthy, and maybe afraid that you won't be able to keep up.

I want to put your fears to rest.

Speaking of rest, that is all I did today. Now I am about to go get Dillon from the babysitter. I hope he doesn't get sick. He is on an antibiotic from getting his adenoids out, so maybe that will help him out some.

Ooooh, ooooh! Early birthday gift arrived in the mail today from Jenn! It is an electronic sudoku game so I can look like a big ol' dork at faculty meetings and in the waiting room at the doctor's office. I think it looks like a cute little pink Palm Pilot, but that is probably cause I have never seen a Palm Pilot up close. Everyone will think I am becoming super organized in all my spare time, but really I am just exercising my neurons and sharpening my reasoning skills!

See what Nyquil during the day does to one's brain patterns?

Still afraid of daily blogs?

You shouldn't be.

Sunday, October 29, 2006

Poor baby!

Can you tell I am warming up for the blogathon that is about to happen here? This my fourth post in two days. WOW! I haven't been this bloggish since, I dunno, ever.

I have strep throat. Don't worry, you can't catch it through the computer. So feel free to read along and sympathize with me.

My back was hurting and I was really tired Friday. Saturday, my throat hurt and my back was spasming (is that a word?) every time I moved. I was getting hot, then cold, then hot again.

My friend called me in an antibiotic and I should be well on the way to recovery. Except that I am exhausted. And sore. And the antibiotic is ROUGH, if you know what I am talking about. So tomorrow I am staying in bed. For the most-part.

The part-of-me-that-is-my-mother is going to drag the part-of-me-that-isn't out of bed and make me do some ridiculous task like clean out the fridge or paint the bedroom. But other than that, I will be catching up on some rest.

And some blogs! Post something good, just for me!

Bright idea

I want to have a button for this on my sidebar, but I don't know how to do it. So if you know, tell me! And if you don't know, hold me accountable!

In honor of my birthday, I am going to be a participant in National Blog Posting Month (NaBloPoMo) so there will be a lot more to read around here. Hey, I am not promising substance - just a post a day starting November 1st. Come back by!

Friday, October 27, 2006


Daniel bought me the new Grey's Anatomy soundtrack. Can I just say that I love this show? And when I am driving down the road listening to this, Denny is alive, Derek and Addison are going to work it out, and I am reliving my forty-four minutes of Thursday night indulgence.

Don't be jealous, just buy it for yourself.

Absurd, I know.


Dillon ate Cheetos for dinner last night. Only Cheetos.

He was happy with that, and so was I. You know why? Cause a Thursday night with Daniel at work equals Survival Mode.

Tuesday, October 24, 2006

Grown up stuff

We bundled that boy up in his jammies, hat, mittens, fuzzy socks and blanket and set off for the surgery center this morning. He was cheerful and played with his toy train in the waiting room. When we went to the surgery prep room, his daddy blew up a rubber glove and gave it to him to play with. We changed him into the tiniest hospital gown ever and handed him off to the nurses, clutching his glove-balloon.

It probably wasn't three minutes later when they had him gassed and were hacking on his throat tissue. Hey, I saw how they yanked that newborn around when he just got cut from my uterus - now that he is a strapping 25 pounds, I am sure they weren't any gentler. I hate to imagine them ramming their tools in his ears and shoving a breathing tube down his throat.

In the waiting room, I tried not to think about my worries. Will his voice sound the same if they take his adenoids out? How is he going to react to his anesthesia? I called my most recent surgeon obscene names - what does a baby do when he doesn't have the vocabulary to express himself?

When they called us back a few minutes later, I could hear Dillon wailing all the way down the hall. I scooped him up and immediately regretted that decision as he kicked his feet furiously and swung his arms all around. His neck muscles had lost their strength and his head swung around like a tetherball. Blood came out of his nose, and gurgled in his throat. Pushing against me with all of his might, it was obvious that he was desperately uncomfortable in his body. Feigning competence, I sat with him in a chair and held him as he cried. His eyes wouldn't stay open and his voice sounded strained.

After awhile, he calmed down. He dozed fitfully until we got to leave. At home today, he took about five naps, waking from each one to search out a familiar face. He has been content to sit in my lap when he is awake for brief periods.

He tried out his voice, mimicking my "Bye bye" when I got off the phone. It sounded scratchy and hollow. But you know what? It still sounded like Dillon.

We did this Big Parenting Thing, and we survived. Now all I need is just to take a nap and sit in my mama's lap for an afternoon.

Monday, October 23, 2006

After four months of almost constant ear infections, Dillon is getting tubes tomorrow. I really hope this is going to be the solution to the problem!

Say a prayer for us if you think about it!

Friday, October 20, 2006

A true story

We use a pharmacy around the corner from our house here in our small town. We use it frequently since Dillon takes every medication under the sun. They have a drive-thru, which I use every time I go there.

Today was different, though. My friend has lost her daughter's pacifier and we were going shopping, so she asked me to run in and pick one up when I got Dillon's prescription filled. That initiated a very bloggable experience, which I am about to relay to you.

I walked into the pharmacy/gift shop and made my way to the counter at the back of the store after quickly scanning the aisles looking for baby items. A man was standing behind the counter in a white coat and he looked ready to help me.

"Do you have any pacifiers here?"

"Um... pacifiers? That would be in our baby section. But, um, I am not sure where that is. Hold on."

The man picked up a telephone and pressed a series of buttons.

"Bonnie? Please come to the front desk. Bonnie, you are needed at the front desk." His voice crackled over the intercom.

I looked around the store to make sure my memory was accurate - yeah, the store is about 30 feet by 30 feet. When I turned around, I saw Bonnie come out from behind her register and take three steps toward me. That is all it took for her to be in my personal space.

I laughed, kind of nervously, cause this was strange.

"Sorry. He didn't have to page you. I could have just turned around and gotten you, I guess."

"That is okay. You were looking for pacifiers? We don't have those." She must have overheard me asking him originally. Yes, she was that close.

I turned around to go back to the counter, and there was a customer in front of me.

I waited patiently until it was my turn and got OvereagerIntercomMan again. I asked for Dillon's prescription and he did a little bit of computer typing. He confirmed Dillon's name, the medication, and the day it was called in. He didn't do anything but look it up, then he said I would have to go to the cashier's desk to pick up the prescription. Four feet away. Where another customer was waiting.

I waited again until it was my turn. During my wait, I hummed along with the Mariah Carey Christmas album that was played over the loudspeaker. Oh, Holy Night.

When I got to the cashier's desk, I had another super-helpful employee.

"Is that Christmas music?"

"Yeah, it is. I didn't pick it. They should have waited till after Thanksgiving."

"Or, at least, Halloween!"

"I know.... well, thanks. Have a good life."

"Did you just say 'have a good life?'"

"No. I said 'night.'"

Whatever. He totally told me to have a good life. And they played Christmas music.

They should have been playing the theme to The Twilight Zone.

Wednesday, October 18, 2006

When push comes to shove

I don't want to be one of those pushy moms that is always forcing their kids into situations that they aren't ready for. I think kids could potentially develop insecurites cause of stuff like that. And I want Dillon to be really secure.

So, what do you think? Is he ready?

He totally looks natural up there, and he loves it. And he did his "duty." Daniel wouldn't let me take a picture of THAT.

** For you Freudians out there, this was just a funny thing we did and probably won't be repeated anytime soon. But he did do his duty! Must be the positioning.

Wednesday, October 11, 2006

Good grief!

At school, each teacher has a bulletin board outside of their classroom. We are responsible for decorating our bulletin board in accordance with the monthly theme. This month it is "Football and/or Halloween with a little Red Ribbon Week thrown in for good measure."

Wow! Talk about unity! Our boards are all going to be so thematic and... unified!

Down the hall, a teacher decided to do Charlie Brown, cause he does the Great Pumpkin thing, and he does the football thing, and in a pinch, he can wear a red ribbon, cause I don't think Charlie ever did drugs.

A certain little girl in my class apparently LOVES Charlie Brown. Today, she escaped, barefoot, down the hall to stand in front of Charlie Brown and tickle his paper body and throw her head back in laughter. It was hard not to snicker to myself as I led her back to class. What a funny girl she is!

But then it happened again.

And again.

And she was laughing hysterically each time, and I was building a barricade in front of the door.

And she was shoving it out of the way and running down the hall with her pretty red hair flying and her bare feet slapping the school house tiles.

Good grief. When is November?

Sunday, October 08, 2006

Advice for the small ones

If you were two feet tall, and insisted upon holding onto the knees of your mama's blue jeans as she emptied the dryer, a good thing to do would be to accept the fact that the warm tee shirts are going to occasionally brush against your head. It does no good to repeatedly get upset about this. Whining and saying "Nonononono mamamamama!" doesn't reduce the occurrence. It just makes it a little louder in the laundry room.

Friday, October 06, 2006

Quick workout

I have a new niece to love! Jog on over to Jenn's place to see some pictures. She is a doll!

(Do you like how I said "jog on over" in place of "click on this link?" Did that make you feel athletic and fit, instead of a pathetic computer-chair-potato? I broke a sweat just typing it!)