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Sunday, August 24, 2008

Check it

I won't even have to waste words to tell you how I am feeling if you will just go HERE and read, and then exponentiate that stress to the tenth degree. Mmmkay?

Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Mother, may I?

Dillon has recently picked up some manners. (Probably from television, cause you know I don't use 'em. Okay, just kidding.)

He has been saying, "I may..." when asking to do things. Like,

"I may get down, Mama?" after dinner. (I think that is where it started.)


"I may watch t.b., Mama?" (Sure, to learn some more manners.)


"I may play two minutes, Mama?" (Stalling technique before going to bed.)

This is all pretty endearing, and I am hardly able to resist. Especially when he raises his eyebrows in my direction, clasps his hands, and tacks on a "Pweeez?"

I have been impressed with his manners. 'Til tonight, when I am sure he crossed a boundary.

Perched on the toilet, his face strained, vessels bulging in his forehead, he looked at me:

"I may... go... poo-poo, Mama?" he gasped.

Well, I guess. Who's gonna stop you now?

Friday, August 08, 2008

I dare you...

... to feed an infant mushed up peas or squash without opening your own mouth as if you are the one who is taking a bite. I have resorted to saying the Pledge of Allegiance under my breath to keep my mouth from moving funny. (Feeding Korenna is way easier than feeding Dillon. She is a lot better at keeping it in her mouth than he was. I spend most of my time just trying to get it there in the first place. She is way more interested in her thumb than the spoon. In fact, it is sort of a "chaser" to every bite - she takes a couple of pulls on her thumb after she gets a mouthful.)

... to clean out your pantry. Yeah, you know you need to. But take my advice, and don't taste-test EVERYTHING. If the date has passed, the peanut fairy didn't grant you extra time. Just toss 'em.

... to download Starbucks free Tuesday iTunes. But don't blame me if you clog your playlist with crap. It was free! Well, with the purchase of a white chocolate mocha. Yummm...

... to wait till the thermostat hits 103 before dragging your almost-three-year-old and six-month-old to the zoo. Not only that, but be sure to wait until after 3pm, when the train stops running for the day. Dillon still hasn't quit talking about how the "wed twain at da zoo needs some battwies cuz it is bwoken!"

... to count the days till summer ends, then do something special with those sweet babies, cause doesn't time fly???

Friday, August 01, 2008

A little professional detour

Check us out!

It won't be funny, or cute, but this way interested people can keep up with The Helping House!