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Wednesday, October 31, 2007

Blame him...

... for all the neglect. Ear infections (yes, multiple), a stomach virus, and general physical exhaustion on the part of his mother. It is tough chasing a toddler!

This baby is still growing. She actually flips and flops around quite a bit. Dillon has resigned himself to having a baby sister. "Like Aba?" he asks hopefully, remembering the chubby cousin he tugged around all weekend. "Um, yes. Like Ava." Whatever makes you not cry when I talk about the baby.

Daniel and I are going to Canton this weekend. Remember, last year? Canton? Huge flea market? Lots of people? Hot in November? Yeah, that place. The people in the photo on that link have obviously just arrived and there is still a brisk morning breeze. After a day at Canton, you look and feel more like damp armpit hair.

Okay, that is so gross, I am getting off now. I am obviously delirious from all the mothering and frolicking I am doing. Hopefully my next post will be 1) more cheerful, 2) more timely, and 3) less disgusting.

Wednesday, October 10, 2007

A little change never hurt anyone

Daniel plays church league softball on Tuesday nights. He gets home well after Dillon is snug in his bed, and sometimes even after I hit the hay.

Last night, he got home a little early, and we were chatting as I got ready for bed. Here is our conversation:

D: Hey, baby? Did you see the change that was on my nightstand earlier? It isn't there now.

A: Hmmmm... nope. I didn't see any money, and I don't even think I have been in the bedroom.

D: Huh. Cause Dillon was playing with it earlier, and now it isn't there.

*Deliberate pause. Stony stare from A to D.*

A: Seriously? He was PLAYING with it, and now it isn't there? What do you think he did with it?

D: I don't know!! That is why I asked you!

A: Most two-year-olds put coins in their mouth. That is what I think he did!

D: He doesn't eat money! I have never seen him eat money!

A: That is because he has never played with money before! I am vigilant about making sure he doesn't play with choking hazards!

The "discussion" went on. Of course, I won, and D saw the error of his ways. I went to bed.

This morning, I was fixing my hair in the bathroom. Daniel was getting ready for work and Dillon was tearing around the house, talking and generally showing what a morning person he is.

I heard Daniel's voice coming from our bedroom:

Hey, buddy? Remember last night when you were playing with my money? What did you do with it? Do you remember? Where did you put it?

Dillon's little-man voice: "I dunno, Daddy!"

Daniel tries again: "Where is the money? The coins? Where are they?"

By now I am snorting in the bathroom cause their exchange is too hilarious. As if Dillon could answer the stream of questions Daniel is firing at him. AS IF.

I peek in the bedroom and Dillon is staring wide-eyed at his daddy: "Wid da money go? Wi did it go, Daddy? I dunno! Wi izzit?"

Sherlock Holmes and his sidekick, Watson. I predict they will solve (and probably create) a lot of mysteries together.