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Wednesday, June 25, 2008

The Truth

So, at two-and-a-half, I feel that Dillon is old enough now to know The Truth:

Grownups don't pee in their pants. They do it in the toilet.

The only reason I didn't tell him The Truth before was because I am extremely lazy. It is a lot easier to change a diaper than it is to stockpile M&M's, purchase expensive big boy underwear with huge decals on the booty, make sticker charts, line up bribery Thomas-the-Trains on the bathroom windowsill, and constantly quiz a toddler about the state of his bladder - "Do you need to go potty? How about now? Do you need to go some more?"

We are five days in, and he has had dry underwear as long as he gets an hourly reminder. (So how long do I do this? The reminding, I mean? I am pretty sure I have other things to do besides randomly grabbing his "area" and saying "Are you still dry? Let's go potty!")

I thought we pretty much had it under control enough that he could wear big boy underwear to school. He did great, for the most part.

I picked him up today and this is what he said:

"I... I... I... I... I... I... (only Kanye West stutters with more grace) I... I... POO POO IN MY BIG BOY THOMAS DA TWAIN UNNERWEAR!"


Oh, yeah. About that... there is more to The Truth, sweetheart.

Thursday, June 19, 2008

I thought text made life simpler

The following is a real text conversation with my husband. He is working, I am at home working on stuff for The Helping House. Commentary in italics.

D: What's up?

A: working. u?

D: Working too. What you workin on? Looks like I will prob b off tomorrow.

A. email followups. on hold w irs for 20 mins! what time u off tonight?

D: Prob 6

(At this point, I let the conversation drop. I know Daniel doesn't have the stamina to text for long periods of time, and I need to get back to listening to blaring IRS hold music.)

D: How has your day been? (He wasn't ready to let go.)

A: good. long nap w/ k this morning :)

A: no grant, no students (These are the two things I am waiting on every day - news about a grant and new student applications.)

D: ?

A: no good news today. u have to get better at interpreting text, sheesh.

D: What do you mean no students? (Really?)

A: new students (Meaning, NO NEW STUDENTS TODAY, JUNE 18th, 2008)

A: I haven't brushed my teeth yet today. (Change of subject. Hopeful?)

D: Nice. So did you get a new student? (SERIOUSLY!!!)

A: no new students!

D: so you didn't get the grant or no news on the grant? did u get debit card fixed? (Note to self: Don't fall prey to texting with Daniel. He monopolizes time and wants narratives on everything.)

A: no news on the grant, debit card fixed.

D: k

A: this is exhausting. i need some whoppers. (I am just telling the truth. I am a stress eater. Not that I eat stress, but I eat when I am stressed. See!? I can't stop explaining myself. He makes me do it!)

D: what is exhausting? (Here we go.... Don't fall into his trap... Don't do it! Don't...)

A: texting with you! (Ahhhh! I couldn't help it.)

D: well, fine! bye!

And that is why I am sure we will be discussing text etiquette this evening when he gets off work. Again, monopolizing my time. *sigh*

Sunday, June 15, 2008

Here we go...

It is real! And here, too.

Saturday, June 07, 2008

Fine, here are some pictures

Thanks Sharkey, for making me feel like mah babies are loved, even though their mama doesn't post about them enough.

Here are some pictures for your viewing pleasure. Have a great weekend!

bathtime 002

Already a ham for the camera!

bathtime 010

So serious about bathtime.

susan's party 055

I got appa' joos and I jis had cake. What more could a kid want?

Tuesday, June 03, 2008

There is way too much to do, and it is summertime. All I want to do is kick my feet in Dillon's little splash pool and squeak back at Korenna as she sits in her Bumbo.

But there is way too much to do.

Starting your own business is not an easy undertaking. It would be fine if I were the only one I had to report to, but I am accountable to my business partner, the Secretary of State, Daniel, my parents, the IRS, the bank, and Daniel. (Yeah, he asks more questions than everyone else combined.)

On top of that, I am writing grant applications, designing a website, getting my BCBA certificate, networking, finding a location for the school, and tons of other startup things.

Let's not even talk about routine doctor visits, playing with Dillon, making Korenna do tummy time even though she hates it, organizing my school stuff, clearing out the kids' closets, and regular house maintenance.

So, really, this is not so much a real post, as a whole long list of reasons why I haven't posted, and more reasons why I probably won't be posting any time soon. Sometimes the Upheaval is too great! I miss you guys, and hopefully soon, I'll be back.