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Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Short and, uh, sweet? **

I ate some peaches earlier today, apparently pretty aggressively, because just a minute ago, I sneezed, and a peach came out of my nose.

Nice, huh? It was this huge relief, but I didn't even know I was uncomfortable before I became comfortable again. Sort of like when a surprise dribble of warm water runs out of your ear after swimming.

**I totally just posted this because I have to post before I allow myself to read your blogs, and my sister said she posted something today and I wanna read it!

Sunday, May 04, 2008


There are hundreds of bloggable moments throughout my week, but when I actually sit down here to blog, and not work on grant applications or website template design, I can think of nothing.

Korenna is smiling. She is a doll. I know I must be biased, but she really is sweet and flirty and girlie, and I am just eating it up. I bought her a huge stretchy headband for all of her bows. Never did I think that would be me, the mom with the big bow-ed baby, but it is fun! The Bumbo chair is the greatest thing since sliced bread, but I never thought sliced bread was all that great, so how about "The Bumbo chair is the greatest thing since Jelly Bellies." Anyway, it is wunnerful, and my gummy grinning girl will agree!

Dillon is such a big boy. He spent the night with his cousins last night. Complete with pallet on the floor, tent pitched in the living room, and Alvin and the Chipmunks playing well past bedtime. I kissed him when we were leaving and he said, "Bye Mama! Be a good boy, k? I see you in da mornin'!" Aw... my heart is still melted!

All the prayers must be working. We have had a couple of interested people contact us to help with funding for the school. But, please don't stop offering your prayers, cause we are no where near being done!

We are working on a website and a brochure for the school. Seems like there is a lot going on right now.

19 days of school left, and only about 10 IEP meetings. (Sarcasm! Ten is A LOT!) For those of you not familiar with special ed, that is the huge team meeting of everyone involved in each child's education - parents, therapists, teachers, administrators, etc. We plan for next year, and each meeting requires lots of organization and forethought. And I have to dress up on those days. Sheesh.

Other than that, life is just rocking along. I miss blogging and reading your blogs. That is why I gave Dillon a huge bowl of cheetoes and put Korenna down for a nap. I am ignoring Daniel's barrage of questions and I am pretending that I don't have dinner to cook. Just so I can post something, and read something. I would like for things to settle down, but then, life might be boring, right?