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Sunday, April 10, 2011

Warning: Gross

We have a new addition to our family. "New" as in, we just got it last week.

It is Korenna's "bobo." It came to live with us when she slid down the driveway on the back of her hand. I am not sure it is ever going away.

I think it qualifies as an actual part of our family. I mean, we discuss it daily at length. We look at it frequently, at Korenna's request. It requires a separate, very gentle bath. It requires daily dressings of Hello Kitty and Princess Band-Aids, on alternating days.

Her bobo is even garnering its own blog posts.

Tonight Korenna was taking a bath, and she exclaimed loudly "The green part of my bobo came off!"


"Yuck! That makes me sick, Korenna!"

"Oh, I'n sowwy Mama."

Later I heard her telling her brother, "Hey, Dillon. Don't touch my bobo!!! It will make you sick, like Mama."

That's all she needs: some more power granted to her bobo.