< Upheaval: August 2007

Wednesday, August 22, 2007


Have you ever realized halfway through the day that your underwear was on inside out? What do you do about it? Just leave it? Pray that no one has occasion to learn that you cannot dress yourself appropriately?

It hasn't ever happened to me. I just wondered.

Monday, August 13, 2007

A new pack of markers

School is right around the corner, and I am giddy!

I absolutely love the start of school. I know that is very nerdy, but you really couldn't expect less from me, right? Today, Daniel, Dillon and I went to my school to arrange my furniture and get some things ready.

Sadly, I am such a meticulous, organized person that everything was where it needed to be in about 30 minutes. I didn't quite get the buzz I was looking for that comes from a hard day at work in the classroom, but it was a start.

This year is going to be really different from last year. First of all, I am going from five kids to nine! My kids' labels (I KNOW! I hate to call it that, but I am just trying to give you a rough idea, here!) range from autism, to behavior disorders, to visual impairment, to a very vague "learning disability." And several kids exhibit combinations of the above!

Four of last years kids are back, and I am really eager to see them.

Special education is so rewarding. I cannot imagine going back to general education after the experiences that I have had.

I hope my kiddos are excited, too! New haircuts, new shoes, new (maternity, for me!) clothes, new markers, and a clean slate - I can't wait!

Friday, August 10, 2007

Point taken

I know I rant about it a lot, but it seems like laundry is exploding out of my ears here at the Johnson House. Dillon and I wear normal amounts of clothing, but Daniel, in one day, can wear as many as three pairs of jeans/BDUs, three shirts, and three pairs of socks and underwear. Actually, he doesn't have a choice at all, but it still drives me crazy!

This morning I was "fluffing" up a load of jeans before I pulled them out of the dryer. The buttons and snaps were clinking louder than usual on the dryer drum as it flipped them around. I pulled the door open to have a look and pulled the jeans out.

What did I find in the dryer?


How about a big, brassy, pointy, scary BULLET?????

Probably something you should not heat up and then toss violently in a spinning metal drum, don'tcha think? I don't know much about bullets, but I know enough to turn and run out of the laundry room.

And in the near future? I think the laundry will be piling up a bit as Daniel figures out how to sort and wash his own things.

Wednesday, August 08, 2007

Straight out of a tabloid

So, we all know that truth is stranger than fiction, right?

Dillon has a wonderful teacher at school. She loves him, and he loves her. He cries when she leaves the room. She calls to ask about him when he is absent. Love.

She has been a part-time teacher in his classroom since January, and full-time since May. I see her every day. We converse. About Dillon, other kids, her life, my life, my pregnancy, etc.

She was absent last Monday, which was strange cause she never misses. I saw her mom on Tuesday morning, and she said, "I guess I should tell you why Angie missed work yesterday. We had a surprise Sunday night."

"Oh, yeah? What happened?" I asked, thinking that maybe they had a car accident, or there was a mysterious surprise visitor who came knocking at the door.


"Um... Angie had a baby. She called me from the hospital cause she was in labor."

"WHA!???" I said, eloquently.

"Yeah. No one knew she was pregnant. Well, she knew, and her boyfriend knew, but she didn't tell anyone else. I sure didn't know!" her mom said.

Again, "WHA!???"

She never, ever, ever said a word. Even when I would drop Dillon off, claiming exhaustion from the first trimester. Even when seven toddlers wanted to sit on her lap all day.

I am over my shock now, and we are having a "Welcome" shower for her on Friday night. But still, that is officially the weirdest thing I have ever witnessed. Can you top that?